Medical Specialties


Pediatrics is a specialised medical field focused on delivering exceptional medical, surgical, and rehabilitative care to infants, children, and adolescents. Caring for young patients, especially those with injuries or medical conditions, demands a unique set of skills and a distinct approach. At Pahang Medical Centre, our paediatrician is highly experienced and well trained with a keen focus on monitoring child’s growth, development, administering preventive care, and offering anticipatory guidance. Whether your child is in need of medical attention due to illness or simply requires a routine examination, rest assured that our team of patient and compassionate consultants and nurses is here to offer the highest quality of care.

Our general paediatric services include:

  • Newborn care and immunisation services
  • Care for children with common medical problems
  • Assessment and management of children with chronic illnesses or disabilities
  • Developmental and behavioral assessment and guidance
  • Parent education, support and guidance
  • Nutrition evaluation and counseling
  • Coordination with other health care professionals as indicated


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